Follow our adventures on our homestead in beautiful Norway. We are a an international family trying our best to become self sufficient on our small farm located in gorgeous soundings in the kingdom of Norway. We document our life on the farm an upload a new video every Friday evening to our patrons. 

We have been traveling a extensively but settled down on this gorgeous farm. We lived on a sailboat but we abandoned our idea of a world cruise due to the pandemic and the sad state of the world. Instead we go for plan B becoming self sufficient on our small 9 acre farm.


I'm a mom and an artist and Tommy is a jack of all trades, pilot and sea captain. He sadly lost his job due to the pandemic..

We grow our own food, keep bees, forage from the nature and goof around on our farm having fun while we are learning the forgotten knowledge from our ancestors.

  1. Growing organic food

  2. Canning food, 

  3. tending to our bees, 

  4. Bees, chicken, ducks

  5. Building projects

  6. fishing, and foraging 

  7. traveling around Norway. '

Join our adventures and watch our weekly videos. New video every Friday.

Food security

In order to be able to feed the world’s growing population, we need ever more food, which must be diverse, balanced and of good quality to ensure the progress and well-being of humankind.
Bees are renowned for their role in providing high-quality food (honey, royal jelly and pollen) and other products used in healthcare and other sectors (beeswax, propolis, honey bee venom). But the work of bees entails much more!

The greatest contribution of bees and other pollinators is the pollination of nearly three quarters of the plants that produce 90% of the world’s food. A third of the world’s food production depends on bees, i.e. every third spoonful of food depends on pollination.

”Ending hunger is everyone's responsibility.”
Ban Ki Moon, South Korean diplomat and the 8th Secretary-General of the United Nations

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Einstein calculated that if all the bees in the world were exterminated it would take no more than four years for mankind to disappear from the globe. Bees are extremely important for our future!


By supporting us you will help ensure that pollinators survive and that future generations will have food available!


 These funds will exclusively go towards new bee equipment so that we are able to build up our honey operation. We will send you honey and other products that we make to your home address on a regular basis. You will also get your name painted on your hive and receive information on the progress throughout the season.  


Thank you so much, you are awesome!


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