I work full time on my page and I aim to make it as visually pleasing as possible. I am planning on this being a long term endeavour and I am starting strong toward building to my goal of 1 million genuine followers within two years.


I ’m a skilled videographer; I would be interested in producing short videos for you and promoting them on my IGTV and youtube channels

I could also produce short promotional videos for you to display on other media outlets.

I am able to provide daily posts + stories with link and one IGTV video with link approx 2-4 minutes long per week. 

It’s important to know that these IGTV videos will remain on my channel even long after our potential engagement is over, continuing to drive customers to your web shop in increasing numbers as my Instagram page is growing.

I would tag your Instagram page in every post/story and drive more followers to you. I would also geo tag the posts/stories to the location of your choice. 

I am a creative artist, mature model and videographer and I would love to work with solid companies.


Sweet Eileen

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